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Vision for the Future

Aloha!  My name is Jeanice Barcelo and I am blessed to live in Hawaii on the island of Maui.  I consider Maui to be one of the most beautiful, fertile, abundant places on Earth and I am looking forward to creating a home and a family in this magnificent place.  I am especially attracted to one particular area on Maui called “Makena.” For more information about Makena, and to get a real sense of my love for the area, see my poems here….

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Makena is a magnificent oceanfront community which right now consists of housing and “vacation rentals” for the wealthy. There are semi-pristine, majestic, public beaches in this area, which tend to attract tourists as well as thousands of local residents and animals. Very few people actually live at Makena as the housing is priced in the many millions of dollars and most of the “homes” remain vacant much of the year .  This is a highly unfortunate aspect of the economic system we are living under as all of these structures (and all of the pristine and beautiful land that surrounds them), could be used for the benefit of humankind. 

During my time on Maui I have fallen deeply in love with the land and, as a result, have been drawn into the politics of Hawaiian sovereignty.  I feel it is important for people to know that the United States is illegally occupying Hawaii and has been illegitimately selling off Hawaiian land for more than 100 years. The U.S. has installed a puppet regime in Hawaii (which they call the “State of Hawaii”) which has wreaked havoc on Hawaiian land and the Hawaiian way of life. There is a huge and growing movement in Hawaii for a return to national sovereignty. I see many positive changes happening in the very near future with respect to land management in this country – and I believe we are about to see the collapse of U.S. power here and the rise of a totally new form of government. I am very active in this process.

I have had a vision of creating a conscious birth community at Makena for some time, but this vision has become much clearer and stronger after reading the Anastasia series of books distributed by Ringing Cedars Press (   In a nutshell, I think Makena would be an awesome place for people to live, conceive, gestate, birth, nurse and parent their children.  We have warm and sunny weather here, gentle ocean breezes, white sandy beaches, warm ocean water, big green sea turtles, large pods of dolphins, whales aplenty during wintertime, and much, much more.  This is an idyllic place to conceive, birth and raise our babies.

I am completely committed to conscious birth as a result of my own personal life journey.  In 1998, I lost my infant daughter, Anastasia, to a still-birth. After a very long, 53-hour, homebirth labor, Anastasia was born dead and I almost died trying to give birth to her. Anastasia was my 6th attempt to give birth to a healthy child. All of my pregnancies ended in death. I now understand that the reason I had so much difficulty giving birth was because I was carrying an enormous amount of unconscious, unresolved birth trauma.  These unconscious memories had been with me from the beginning of my life due to negative experiences I had both in my mother’s womb and during the birth process  (I was born in a hospital in Mineola, Long Island). These memories activated each time I became pregnant and interfered with my ability to give birth in a gentle and healthy way.

For more info about birth trauma vs. gentle birth see these two short clips:

Birth Trauma: <a href=””></a>

Gentle Birth: <a href=””></a>

As a result of my birth/death experiences, I have become steadfastly committed to creating a community of conscious birthers and to educating young people about the importance of gentle birth, as well as conscious conception, healthy gestation and conscious parenting. I have skills and credentials that make me particularly suited to “teach” young adults about these important topics, including a master’s degree and several years of teaching experience at the university level.

To see more about my vision for a conscious birth school/sanctuary, please follow these links:

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While I am very strong on vision, I am challenged with a lack of financial resources to back it up.  Money has been an area of great concern for me since moving to Maui 9+ years ago, and I have found it difficult to move my work forward, despite repeated attempts and credentials up the gazoo. 

A little more about my vision for Makena:

I envision the main road (which runs along the coast) being closed off to general automobile traffic (local deliveries only) and people traveling this area by bicycle, horseback, canoe and/or kayak.

I envision a prohibition on all motorboats and US military machinery and testing (such as submarines, helicopters, bombs, sonic underwater tests, etc.) in the waters and air-space surrounding the area. These waters should be designated as a sanctuary as they are filled with whales during wintertime who return here each year to conceive, gestate, birth and nurse their babies.

I envision all the land at Makena being turned into flourishing gardens through reforestation and conscious, loving interaction with the Earth.

I envision all the land at Makena (and throughout the entire ahupua’a including Kaho’olawe and Molokini) being returned to the Kingdom of Hawaii). 

I envision the future government of this area to be willing to give 2.5 acre parcels of land to every willing family at no cost so that each family may have the space to create their family domains and hold the land in perpetuity.  This is the real Hawaiian way.

I envision all of the empty structures at Makena filled with happy families – couples making babies and birthing them in water, raising their children close to nature, toddlers waddling up and down the beach. I would also like to see an alternative healing center, an alternative educational facility, a conscious birth center/sanctuary and huge areas of organic gardens.

If you feel called to this vision and would like to make a contribution, please send your checks and/or money orders to:

Jeanice Barcelo

PO Box 1882

Kihei, HI  96753


Here are a few pictures of Keoneo’io, which sits at the end of the road and opens up to a bay where dolphins are a aplenty. This is the place I envision for the birth sanctuary:

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And here are a few shots of other places along the Makena coast:

Aerial view of Cape Kinau (the nipple of the Mother) and the Keoneo’io bay
<a href=””>…</a>

Ahihi Bay
<a href=””>…</a>

Aerial view – Ahihi Bay
<a href=””>…</a>

Big Beach
<a href=””>…</a>

Big Beach
<a href=””>…</a>

Aerial view – Big Beach
<a href=””>…</a>

Little Beach
<a href=””>…</a>

Pu’u Olai
<a href=””>…</a>


Help me open up a school for Maui youth

Aloha beautiful people! I am writing today to enlist your help and to let you know that I have created a new Facebook group entitled “Love, Sex, Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting – Free/Low Cost Info and Support for Maui Youth.” If you have not yet received an invitation from me to join the group, please consider following this link and becoming a member:

Beginning in late June (around the summer solstice), I intend to offer weekly gatherings at my home on Maui to provide a safe space for young adults to share, view pertinent videos, raise their questions and get meaningful answers about love, relationships, sexuality, conception, gestation, birth and parenting. To my knowledge, young people have nowhere to go to get this type of information and, although I have created an entire curriculum about these topics, there is not a single school on Maui that was willing to accept it.

I will be offering these gatherings on a donation basis so everyone who is interested may attend.

For your info, I hold a master’s degree in sociology with a minor in women’s studies and I taught at the university level for five years. I have also been teaching independently on Maui for several years on topics relating to conscious birth and the importance of healing our own birth trauma if we wish to experience ecstatic birth.

My long-term vision is to create a community on Maui that functions in accordance with the principles laid out in the Anastasia books ( Basically, this means accessing a huge tract of land (ideally oceanfront), dividing it up amongst willing families who wish to be part of the community (approximately 2.5 acres per family), allowing each family to nourish their parcel and turn it into a flourishing garden (what Anastasia refers to as a “Space of Love”), and allowing each family to hold the land in perpetuity to pass on to their children.

I envision this community to be focused and committed to conscious birth. Conceiving, gestating and birthing our babies right in our own Space of Love is the ideal. Right use of sexual energy, conscious conception, healthy gestation, gentle birth and conscious parenting are all part of the glue that will hold this community together and create the texture for the preservation of love in families forever.

This is a broad and long-term vision and I believe there are “steps” to achieve this end, such as offering classes out of my home to attract youth, then creating a “school”, then creating an “ecstatic birth center,” which can then blossom out into a full-blown conscious community of conscious birthers!!!

If you are drawn to this vision, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. I am seeking to bring together a core group of individuals who are willing to get behind this idea and work with me to create it. I have been in touch with a person who may be able to offer funding for the land if I can pull together the core group and we begin to work consciously toward this goal. You do not have to live on Maui to be a member of the core group, but would need to be available for conference calls and also have a long-term interest and willingness to move to Maui when we get the land.

Also, I am in need of financial support. My situation is critical. I do not want to bore you with the details but suffice to say that I really need your help if I am to successfully access an appropriate “home” that would co-exist as a gathering space for young adults. Rent on Maui can be very high and I need a special space for this work.

If you are in a financial position to do so and are willing to help, please send your checks and/or money orders as soon as possible to:

Jeanice Barcelo
PO Box 1882
Kihei, HI 96753

No amount is too small. Your donations will be lovingly received and accepted.

Please e-mail for more info.

Or visit my Facebook pages:

Here’s a quote from the Anastasia series, Book 8.1, entitled “The New Civilisation” that briefly describes why we need to create a school:

“…[S]he asked me to find out where she can locate an educational institution in our country for women to study up on the best way to carry their pregnancy, as well as what the birth process and subsequent child-raising involves. And what the role of the father should be in this….

…[B]ut, I’ve never even heard of that kind of school, either in our country or abroad.

Strange! They teach everything nowadays, and yet this most important issue isn’t touched in either our high schools or our post-secondary institutions. I wonder why?” (p. 122).


In 1998, my daughter, Anastasia, was born dead after a well-prepared-for, 53-hour, homebirth labor.  I almost died trying to give birth to her.  Anastasia was my 6th attempt to give birth to a healthy child.  ALL of my pregnancies ended in death.  11 years later, I now understand that the reason I had so much trouble giving birth is because I was carrying unconscious traumatic memories of my own birth.  These memories “activated” each time I became pregnant and influenced my capacity to give birth in a gentle, easy way.

Birth trauma is real.  Let’s do what we can to stop the abuse and educate people about this most important topic.  Take a look at the two videos below to see for yourself the implications of birth trauma vs. gentle birth:

Birth Trauma:

Gentle Birth:

Birth Trauma Hurts All of Us

In 1998, my daughter, Anastasia was born dead after a well-prepared-for, 53-hour, homebirth labor. I, too, almost died trying to give birth to her. Anastasia was my 6th attempt to give birth to a healthy child. ALL of my pregnancies ended in death.

11 years later, I now understand that my difficulties with birth were directly tied to unconscious traumatic memories that I had been holding in my body from my own prenatal and birth experiences. 

Birth trauma is real.  Prenatal and birth experiences  influence all aspect of our lives.  Please view this important video to get a better understanding of what is happening in America.