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I received a request today to share my thoughts about abortion. Here is my response:

My initial thought is — abortion should never happen. It is one of the most extreme expressions of spiritual dysfunction in our society. We need to educate people about the importance of conscious conception and we need to steer people away from random acts of sex because this type of sex is spiritually disempowering and debilitating.

Also, we need to help women remember that they have control over their own bodies and whether or not they are available for reproduction — simply with their conviction and intent. Many do not believe this and so they ingest chemicals and do a variety of other things to avoid getting pregnant — never considering that they could simply choose not to have sex until they are clear that they want to bring forth a child. Despite all the chemicals and other stuff, pregnancies are happening haphazardly – because sex is happening haphazardly.

Abortion is traumatic — it is a form of birth trauma — and leaves scars on the mother (and the father) that most do not recognize. The fact that so much abortion is happening in our society is a clear indication of the extreme levels of spiritual, sexual and psychological dysfunction prevalent within our culture.

It is time to take our power back. Abortion should never be necessary.


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