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Please help me win $10,000 by voting for my idea

Aloha friends and family.  I am writing today to enlist your support.  I have submitted an idea to that could help bring my conscious conception, pregnancy, birth & parenting program into reality.  I have decided to create an event (a BABY! film festival on Maui) that will help raise funds for the creation of a school for young adults.  You can help bring this event (and a conscious birth preparation school) into reality by voting for my idea.


To view my idea (which is listed in the education section) and vote for it, please go to:


Time is of the essence.  Please vote for my idea this week.  I would like to win the “sprint” for this week as that will put me in good placement to win the $10,000 this month.  You will need to register at the website and then vote for my idea.  This will take just a few minutes of your time.


If you would like to see the curriculum I have created for the future school, please visit this link:



If you would like more info about the school, please visit my facebook pages: 


Love, Sex, Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting:  Free/Low Cost Info & Support for Maui Youth


Let’s Create an Ecstatic Birth School and Center on Maui



Thank you so much for taking the time to support my idea.


Sending blessings and gratitude,



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